ECHO RADIO - THE DUTCH NETWORK, is a non-profit voluntary organisation which provides  Dutch-language radio programme aimed to New Zealanders of Netherlands descent. In doing so, Echo Radio provides a information service to the Dutch community in New Zealand with news from the Netherlands as well as community news from the different regions in New Zealand. The focus on the Dutch language makes Echo Radio a unique service in New Zealand, as it provides the only Dutch-language programme in the New Zealand broadcast media. Echo Radio receives no central government support. Whereas in Australia, ethnic minorities benefit from the free platform for multicultural broadcasting provided by the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), Echo Radio's continued existence is entirely dependent on individual and community funding.

Our Mission

For New Zealand to become a truly multicultural society, it is necessary that our voice and language be heard. The Netherlands and its language are important to New Zealand. Please give your children and grandchildren a chance to maintain their cultural roots!


Echo Radio has been broadcasting in New Zealand for over twenty-four years.  Echo 's radio programme in Dutch is of very high quality and has won several awards for its production quality.


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